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Why choose our fleet management solutions?

With our advanced vehicle tracking system you have complete control over your fleet and their activities.

GPS Tracking Services

If you need to monitor your personal or business assets in real-time, we provide the broadest range of GPS services for all purposes. We install and maintain trackers as per the clients expectations.

Fuel Monitoring System

Kimii is the top company in offering fuel monitoring solutions for all vehicles. You can be able to determine the status of fuel, usage, level, cost etc.

Fleet Maintenance

Kimii provides fleets with powerful and simple tools to cut management and fuel expenses, increase productivity and prevent accidents. The system automates the cost of maintenance, spares, and repairs for each asset. The system also allows the owner to schedule vehicle maintenance reminders.

Cargo Tracking

We offer a wide product range of intelligent locks with a combined mechanical lock, GPS, and advanced wireless communication technology to make heavy-duty and high-security intelligent locks.

Video Telematics

Adding cameras to your fleet management system will forever change the way you track and monitor your fleet. Experience what it’s like to beyond tracking.

Temperature monitoring

Transporting food, pharmaceuticals, or any other perishable cargo today is unimaginable without real-time cargo temperature monitoring. We offer temperature monitoring solutions ensure real-time temperature data and inform drivers and transport managers of any dangerous temperature changes.

Mobile Workforce Management

We offer enabled Field Employee Monitoring Software, designed to increase efficiency and productivity. We keep an eye on the employee’s daily allotted tasks and notify them in case of violations. With the system, you can access tasks, do real-time tracking of your field employees, summarize tasks, and edit to-do lists.

Fleet Expenses and Cost Tracking

We understand that managing finances and keeping them under control is important to you. That is why our holistic fleet management platform lets you track expenses and notice profit trends. Breakdown operational costs, evaluate costs per mile and strategise ways to increase ROIs with us!

GPS OBD2 Tracking System

We provide onboard Diagnostics-II a protocol that helps reveal your car's state using a diagnostic scanner.

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