We offer wholesale hardware, sensors, and related products in the market. We have partnered with global manufacturers to ensure we receive high-quality hardware that works in our system and other systems on the market.


We sell Smart GPS lock, Customs locks, and GPS electronic seal lock. They are used to track valuable equipment such as trailers, containers, construction machines, and other valuable mobile and fixed assets.

AVL Hardware

An AVL or Automatic Vehicle Locator is a GPS-tracking device that empowers you to track vehicle locations from anywhere you like.

Personal GPS Trackers

A personal tracker is a small tracking device usually worn around the neck or wrist. They help in tracking family members or employees in real-time.

OBD Trackers

OBD tracker has a self-diagnostic and reporting capability for detecting vehicle faults which is extremely useful in tracking engine health.

GPS Trackers

GPS tracking is a satellite-based navigation system that helps you to figure out exactly where something is using triangulation.

Pet GPS Trackers

A Pet tracker is a GPS tracker used for monitoring pets and other animals. This tracker is usually attached to your pet’s collar.

Asset GPS Trackers

Asset GPS tracker is used for monitoring the location and movement of valuable assets throughout their journey for added safety and security.

AIS 140 GPS Trackers

AIS 140 GPS tracking devices are mandatory in all public vehicles because they ensure passenger safety and monitor driver behaviour.

Fuel Sensors

Fuel Sensors are devices that are used to measure the level of fuel in the tanks. Our software is compatible with all the brands and models of fuel sensors.

Video Monitoring Devices

Video monitoring is a surveillance system capable of capturing images and videos that can be compressed, stored, or sent over communication networks.


Our solutions offer you the flexibility to utilize any additional sensors or hardware connected to the GPS tracker. Driver ID, Cables,

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