Fuel Monitoring Software

Highlights of Fuel Monitoring Software

Flexibility to work with any brand or type of fuel sensor eliminates the need for brand-specific systems. You are free to choose the sensors that best fit your specific needs, rather than being limited to a single brand, manufacturer, or type of sensor. Our system is compatible with-
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Capacitive sensor (Wired/ Bluetooth)
  • Fuel flow meter
  • Digital sensor

Monitor Fuel Levels

Effortlessly monitor fuel levels, fuel drain, and fuel refill for multiple vehicle tanks with our cutting-edge fuel tracking system.

Multiple tanks in single vehicle

Heavy-duty vehicles such as a truck or off-road vehicles will typically have two or more fuel tanks. The software is designed to monitor fuel levels in multiple tanks within a single vehicle.

Multiple sensors in a single tank

The fuel sloshes around the tank when the vehicle is traveling on hilly roads. To get accurate results, multiple sensors must be installed in a single tank. The software has the capability to monitor multiple sensors in a single tank.

Use Across Industries

  • Flexible fuel management system that can be used by our system integrators in various industries.
  • Trucking: Manage and keep track of the fuel used by the fleet. Record fuel purchases and keep an eye on how much fuel is used.
  • DG Set: Monitor the consumption of fuel in the DG set. Track run hours, and refills of your diesel generator. Get notifications for low fuel levels, or a sudden decrease in fuel levels.
  • Construction and mining: To manage fuel usage for heavy machinery and equipment, including recording fuel purchases, and tracking fuel consumption.
  • Agriculture: To manage fuel usage for farm equipment and vehicles. Recording fuel purchases, and monitoring fuel consumption.

Our fuel monitoring software successfully supports

  • 10 Sensor Brands
  • 30 Sensor Models
  • 50,000 Sensors Connected

Expand Your Knowledge of Fuel Monitoring Systems

Advance Algorithm
Our advanced fuel monitoring algorithm ensures 99% accuracy, giving you complete control and peace of mind. Experience improved efficiency and cost savings.
Get Instant Alerts
Get instant alerts and prevent drivers from idling for greater savings also get notified every time the driver refills the fuel tank or on the sudden drop in fuel levels.
Other Liquid Violation
Don’t let impurities in your fuel ruin your engine. Our software helps you to detect dirt, debris, and water in your fuel to ensure your engine is running at its best.
Fill-drain Report
Fleet owners are provided with a detailed report of fuel-filled and fuel drained with precise date, time, and location. Compare reports with historical fuel levels.
Measure Consumption
Optimize your fuel usage by analyzing your driving pattern. Our software tracks and analyzes your driving habits to help you reduce fuel consumption and save money.
Fuel Economy Chart
With this chart, you can track the economy and fuel consumption of your vehicles. You can see how well your fleet is performing with hourly mileage.
Mileage-Based Consumption
Track fuel usage according to the mileage covered by the vehicle with our advanced system. Maximize efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance with accurate data.
Prevent Fleet Fuel Pilferage
Fuel sensors can monitor fuel levels in real-time. With this fleet owners can now prevent 90% of fuel theft with the help of accurate data provided by our fuel management system.
Abnormal Consumption Report
The abnormal consumption report will show how much fuel the vehicle used on two different routes. This report also shows fuel theft, when there is a reverse pipe.

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